About Red Leather Booth

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I`m curious about people who have creative talent and use it to make art or champion entertaining, cultural ideas in Waterloo Region. So I chat with interesting people about what they do and what inspires them; and bring you the highlights from our conversations in a metaphorical and sometimes actual red leather booth.

JudeRedleatherboothIf you would like to talk art and culture with me, send me an email.

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A little about me:

Favourite food: Healthy – apple; unhealthy – salt and vinegar chips

What I listen to when I’m sad: My Morning Jacket, Nina Simone, Tom Waits, Pink, Dolly Parton

Favourite activities: Reading and having a kitchen dance party with kiddo

Coffee or tea:  Coffee in am and tea in the pm.

Spirit animal: river otter and Olivia Pope

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Jude Doble